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Storage Facilities

Fruits Garden’s ensures all its fruits and vegetables are stored in a controlled temperature environment.

We do our best not to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time in cold stores but to deliver them as soon as we receive them. This will lead to an increased shelf life of the products.


Our Group currently has 60 refrigerated vehicles to ensure smooth operation to all our 700+ locations within the UAE.

All our vehicles are GPS monitored to maximize efficiency and minimize delivery times. Fruits Garden’s transport tucks are all temperature controlled and approved form the Dubai Municipality.


Fruits Garden maintains The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is an internationally recognized program for effectively controlling food quality and safety. This management principal is widely recognized as the ultimate standard in the food processing and manufacturing industry.

HACCP systematically identifies and controls food hazards – biological, chemical or physical. Critical control points are established, starting from raw materials, storage, processing, all the way through to distribution. These control points are monitored and recorded to ensure that established limits are met.